Chicago Town Is Offering One Bride The Chance To Get Married In A Pizza Wedding Dress

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Weddings centers on tradition; Vows, The Church and The White Dress. But if you desire to do something quite different – Chicago Town certainly has the right package for you.

A Pizza company is presently running a competition for soon-to-be a couple. It has unveiled that the winner will claim a Pizza-based wedding package. And the said package is a Pizza Wedding Dress.

As seen, the dress has a long and a gorgeous train like the normal bridal gown, but instead of the white and pure look, the dress is completely designed with a print of Pepperoni Pizza and a thick Crust Trim.

While the dress is also paired with a Pizza Bouquet, the couple will also be offered a six-tier pizza cake. Nice!!

And Yes! If you are wondering what kind of loved up individuals will be interested in a such a unique wedding appearance, it will practically be suggested to be a couple who loves eating Pizza for like 3-5 times in a week.

Nevertheless, the competition might also be applicable for pairs who are not vain but are short of cash, since the wedding package includes a honeymoon in Chicago. Speaking, a Spokesperson for Chicago Town explained that the dress had been loosely modeled on Rihanna’s Iconic 2018 Met Gala Dress.

Also wondering what inspired Chicago Town to embark on this competition, the answer is simple: A poll of 2,000 Brits. The poll revealed that guests consider the meals at a wedding to be more essential than experiencing the exchange of vows, with about two-fifths of individuals acknowledging they will love to eat Pizza at a wedding.

“Weddings remain an ultimate celebration of love and it seems like peoples’ obsession with food surpasses anything else – most especially when it comes to enjoying someone else D Day.

Our findings have revealed that a larger chunk, 64% of Brits will be very excited about attending a wedding celebration if they knew pizza was on the menu. Thus, we were delighted to launch the world’s first Pizza Bridal Package this summer.’ Rachel Bradshaw, Chicago Town Brand Manager said.

“The Pizza Bridal Package entails a bespoke Pizza wedding dress, an incredible six-tier Pizza wedding cake, Pizza Bouquet, a range of other Pizzas and a Honeymoon in Chicago,” Bradshaw added.

If you are however interested in winning the Pizza Bridal Package, Just Click Here.