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Madonna, 63, Shows Off Her Smoothened Skin As She Attends A WBA Fight With Her Son


Madonna, 63, Shows Off Her Smoothened Skin As She Attends A WBA Fight With Her Son

Both were slaying in Balenciaga.

Madonna looked prepared for her day out with son David Banda as the 63-year-old had her full makeup on in black. Despite being hit multiple times for giving her posts intense edits, she doesn’t seem shaken and proved that she could look just like her Instagram posts.

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The 16-year-old held hand with his mom as they entered the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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Next to her son who was in a red dress with black shoes, Madonna was stunning in black, both by Balenciaga.

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She went wham with the accessories, as usual, sporting two crucifixes as her necklace with her flowy iconic blonde hair. And she showed off a smooth visage that was in stark contrast to her age.

She appeared to have toned down on the picture edits on her most recent post.

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She’s recently been slamming Instagram for restricting her account after her barrage of nude posts since last week.

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Madonna cannot do live with her 18 million followers now after the app found her “going against Community Guidelines.” She later shared a video of herself reacting to the restriction, “I’ve never worn so many clothes in my life.”

“Not Us!!!! violation of community guidelines…,” the queen of pop continued, adding that she was rendered “speechless” by the situation.

“It’s weird, they’re being really mysterious about why, they’re not giving me a reason. It’s like a bureaucracy inside a computer.”

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She continued, “I haven’t done anything lately, nothing crazy this week anyways… it may be a delayed reaction from my NFTs last week. I’m sorry to let everyone down, I was looking forward to this. I pledge allegiance to the censorship people.”

Criticisms have been high since her NFT videos collaboration with Beeple was released.

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The close-up shots in the video were made from scanning her own genitalia and it’s sparked outrage from many. While it was previously available on her page, it’s now gone, possibly from being removed by the platform.

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