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Madonna, 63, Shocked The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards With A Surprise Appearance


Madonna, 63, Shocked The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards With A Surprise Appearance

“They said we wouldn’t last, but we are still here, motherf****ers.”

No celebrity sends people into a frenzy as much as Madonna does! The 63-Year-Old couldn’t escape a standing ovation after she took the stage at Barclays Center. The entertainer shocked audiences as she stripped off a Burberry trench coat to flaunt a BDSM-inspired PVC look before welcoming the crowd to the yearly show to mark MTV’s 40th anniversary.

Madonna made a surprise appearance at the 2021 MTV VMAs, which were held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Remarkably, the MTV VMAs opened with Madonna’s concert movie trailer titled Madame X, where she showed her taxiing through Times Square in a trench coat. Her voice began to play on screen, with writings that read: “I came to New York City with nothing but 35 dollars and a pair of dance shoes. I was 19 and terrified.”

The legendary pop star came out on stage in a full leather getup before a BDSM-inspired PVC look.

Getty Images for MTV/Viacoms CBS

The event opened with the trailer for her movie Madame X before appearing on stage.

Charles Skyes/Invision/AP

“Forty years ago, another underdog arrived in New York City hoping to create something revolutionary. An all-music channel premiered in the middle of the night and called itself MTV. We found each other and from then on changed my life, changed music, and created a new art form. That’s why there’s only one place to be tonight.” Madonna signed off as she walked on stage encased in fog.

Taking over the stage, the likes of Billie Eilish and Hailey Bieber gave her a standing ovation.

And as she spoke, photos of her memorable music videos and looks flashed on the big screen.  

Charles Skyes/Invision/AP

Her ensemble for the evening included fishnets and a French maid-inspired PVC leotard, with Christian Louboutin heels, gloves, and a driver’s cap. As Madonna spoke in the microphone, photos of her most memorable music clips and appearances flashed on the big screen. “They said we wouldn’t last, but we are still here, motherf****ers. Happy 40th, MTV. Welcome to the 2021 MTV VMAs,” The iconic singer said before walking off the stage and flashing her backside.

The singer has had a long relationship with MTV and has snagged 20 Moon Person trophies amid her career.

Getty Images for MTV/Viacoms CBS

While leaving the stage, the 63-Year-Old showed her backside in the revealing leather look.

Charles Skyes/Invision/AP

Shortly after, Justin Bieber took the stage with The Kid Laroi to perform their hit song Stay. Doja Cat hosted the show, and winners had included Olivia Rodrigo for Song Of The Year and Lil Nas X for Video Of The Year. Nonetheless, Madonna has had a relationship with MTV and had even snagged 20 Moon Person trophies amid her career. Back in 1984, she performed her hit song Like A Virgin at the first-ever MTV VMAs. 

A visual of Madonna arriving in New York City in a yellow taxi had initially gone viral.

Madonna via Instagram Story

However, on her 63rd birthday on Aug. 16th, Madonna announced she was returning to Warner Music Group.

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