Lucky Treasure Hunters Dig Up A Fortune After Finding Two Giant Gold Nuggets Worth $350K

Lucky Treasure Hunters Dig Up A Fortune After Finding Two Giant Gold Nuggets Worth $350K

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Two treasure hunters cum Brothers-in-law Brent Shannon and Ethan West fell in luck when they discovered two gold nuggets weighing a combined 3.5kg and valued at $350,000. The lucky guys are even poised to cash in a higher figure, up to 30 percent more money if they sold the nuggets to a genuine collector.

Brent Shannon (centre), Ethan West (right), along with Ethan’s dad Paul (left)

The two treasure hunters alongside Paul, Brent’s father-in-law dug up the fortune in a remote location near the small mining town of Tarnagulla, South Australia.

‘We pull the material out and put it up on the surface – and then we push it out very thinly and we detect it that way.

‘We can recover more gold that way, and it’s a better way to do it and a safer way to mine.’ they let us in on their secret party trick.

Ethan said he has found ‘thousands’ of pieces of gold over the past four years he’s been mining.

The Two Giant Gold Nuggets Are worth a Total $350,000, Weighing a Combined 3.5kg

‘These are definitely one of the most significant finds. To have two large chunks in one day is quite amazing,’ he said.

‘But for small pieces, I’ve picked up thousands. I’m very lucky like that.’
Brent couldn’t hide his excitement and who would blame him, its a huge fortune.

It’s a sense of relief and achievement and accomplishment. It is a feeling like no other,’ he said.

‘Nobody has seen these pieces of gold for millions of years and we’re the first people to lay eyes on them. It is something that we love doing.’

The trio filmed their mining adventures as part of Seven’s new series Gold Hunters, airing on Thursday at 7.30 pm.