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Lizzo Twerks While Playing James Madison’s 220-Year-Old Crystal Flute And People Are Furious


Lizzo Twerks While Playing James Madison’s 220-Year-Old Crystal Flute And People Are Furious

Lizzo blew on the crystal flute like a pro, because she is one.

Twitter was going wild over the “controversy” of Lizzo after she teased her listeners at a live concert with the tune of a crystal flute that was gifted to James Madison that’s over 200 years old. Lizzo, obviously excited about it, handled it carefully before a tune rang across the room beautifully. She shared the moment on her social media.

For some bizarre reason, James Madison received this French-designed crystal flute and stored it away. He never actually played it (or so history claims it!), which meant Lizzo was the first to do it.

Lizzo played Madison 200 year old flute 3
Lizzo Twerks While Playing James Madison's 220-Year-Old Crystal Flute And People Are Furious 10

But so many were against what she did on stage. The two tunes she played with the flute that James Madison himself never actually cared to play were controversial enough for people to say that she’s “degraded” the history of the country.

It’s wild.

This happened not long after the Library of Congress invited Lizzo publicly to look at their flute collection (!!!) and maybe play one of them at her concert.

And if you’re not really familiar with Lizzo, here’s the kick: Lizzo is a professional, classically trained flutist and took a major specializing in this particular instrument.

She’s also a black woman with accomplishments, internationally acknowledged with no bad track record whatsoever. There couldn’t be a more perfect person to whip out the one and only crystal flute to bless our ears with.

It was evident to others who saw nothing wrong with her perfect play on a flute that would’ve otherwise sat collecting dust in the library that these people were angry about something unrelated to the flute.

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