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Liver Damage Caused By Drinking Can Soon Be Cured, Says Science


Liver Damage Caused By Drinking Can Soon Be Cured, Says Science

A drug to undo tissue scarring in lung and liver disease is being developed.

Scientists might one day be able to reverse the damage that has occurred as a result of drinking does to the liver, a recent study reveals.

Called Cirrhosis, the damage in the liver and fibrosis in the lungs is recognized as an endless process of scarring. Specifically, Scar tissues can override a healthy tissue of an organ and prove incurable, – meaning there’s no cure, just mitigation.

But, scientists from the Mayo Clinic might be on the verge of changing the aforementioned

In a research conducted recently, including the use of mice, they realized the two proteins that carry instructions for the formation of fibroblasts, hunks of scar tissues could be blocked.

The Mayo Clinic team looked closely at the fibroblasts and found a way to block YAP and TAZ during isolation. And as the study reveals, they equally found it: Dopamine.

Scientists have discovered a way to reverse the process that causes scar tissue to replace healthy tissue

The team found out that the fibroblasts in the liver and lungs have a receptor for dopamine, and that’s the same neurotransmitter that allows us to feel pain and pleasure.

Hence, stimulating the dopamine receptors in the fibroblasts did something remarkable to the scar tissue precursor and if the clinical research suggests the same process is safe for humans, then someday reversing liver and lung damage might be possible as well.

However, when you see an alcoholic liver, it does appear sick as it is. The function that a liver has to do in processing alcohol is truthfully difficult, like years of hard labor largely depend on both hands and muscles.

The removal of toxins and alcohol, including performing functions like making blood protein and bile and storing glucose makes the liver vulnerable to infections such as Hepatitis B and C.

Gradually, the scar tissues replace your healthy liver tissue, making it quite difficult for blood to flow through tough tissues. Accordingly, the liver’s ability to process both nutrients and toxins starts to degrade.

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