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Live-Action Reboot Of Cinderella Confirms Pierce Brosnan As King


Live-Action Reboot Of Cinderella Confirms Pierce Brosnan As King

He’s joining Camila Cabello in the retelling of Cinderella’s story.

Who still remembers that time when Lily James walked down the stairs in her dazzling blue gown? Yes, I do. And like many others, seeing this character realized in real life in her dazzling gown that also sparkles under the moonlight is amazing.

But the 2015 Disney’s live-action has also added its own spin of Cinderalla, focusing more on her stepmother who was played by Cate Blanchett. Anyone who’s seen Cate Blanchett that she totally nailed her role and brought such emotional turmoil in her story that is surprisingly relatable to many.

A new live-action by Sony has been confirmed. It will retell (again) the story of Cinderella, but this time, as a comedic musical story. THR reports that ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan is confirmed to play as the King, the Prince’s father. The man has quite the experience in musical, having starred in Universal’s ‘Mamma Mia!’.

Camila Cabello will be the wronged main heroine, Billy Porter will be a fairy godmother and Idina Menzel, Queen Elsa, will be the evil stepmother. The Prince will be played by Nicholas Galitzine. Kay Cannon is writing and directing the movie.

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