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Little Girl Went Viral For Her Powerful Self-Defense Moves Against School Bully


Little Girl Went Viral For Her Powerful Self-Defense Moves Against School Bully

Baby’s first choke out!

For every parent, the ultimate job is to prepare their little ones for life ahead. But even with the tons of love and care, parents know that they won’t always be there and they would eventually have to let them face life on their own and trust that they would do well.

Recently, Margaux Dawn’s daughter Luna was assaulted at school by bullies. The mom painfully watched how the event shrunk her little girl’s confidence. so Margaux had a brilliant idea. She decided that her little girl needs to fight back and signed her up for some Jiu-Jitsu classes.

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Margaux Dawn

The next time a bully tried to harass her, Luna didn’t hesitate to use her new self-defense skills and gave him a good ass whooping.

The incredibly proud mom decided to share the day’s events on facebook. Her post quickly went viral, generating over 88K reactions and 75K shares with people saying just how much Luna inspired them.

However, despite the event, Margaux said she wouldn’t consider her daughter’s school any less safe.

“It’s the same as thousands of other public schools out there, she said.

“Teachers all over are seeing an increase in violent students, so this isn’t an issue that is unique to our school system.

“In all aspects of life, it is important to be able to defend yourself; whether it’s on the playground as a child or walking to your car at night as an adult. This isn’t about retaliation or ‘winning’ against someone — it’s about keeping yourself safe.”

The voicemail that Margaux received from Luna’s school

Margaux Dawn

“Out of all of the available martial arts programs for children, we picked Jiu-Jitsu because of the emphasis on using your opponent’s body weight against them,” Margaux explained. “As a woman, an attacker is almost always going to be physically larger than you. So it’s necessary to be able to defend yourself even if you don’t have the upper hand in strength or size.”

Luna has grown a liking towards Jiu-Jitsu and can’t stop asking her mom when her next lesson is.

“We’ll definitely continue training for the foreseeable future. She talks excitedly about being a black belt eventually.”

“It’s heartbreaking how many women have stories similar to Luna’s,” Margaux added.

“I received thousands of messages from all over the world; people reaching out to share their common experiences. My goal is to give my daughter the tools that I wish I could have had growing up. I’m just hoping the next generation can be better equipped to handle these situations than we were.”

Margaux Dawn
Margaux Dawn
Margaux Dawn
Margaux Dawn

People were incredibly inspired by the brave girl

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