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KSI Loses £2.8 Million After Cryptocurrency Dropped 98% In A Day


KSI Loses £2.8 Million After Cryptocurrency Dropped 98% In A Day

“I just put 2.8 million in… and it’s worth less than 50k.”

YouTuber KSI shared that he’s dumped 100,000 Luna that totaled around $2.8 million and lost them all in a matter of days.

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a major crash all over, with some such as UST and TerraLuna seeing the harshest downfall. Thousands have voiced concerns after losing “life savings” and even their “home.”

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YouTube KSI was watching the crash when he thought it was an “opportunity” and made the “best/worst trade” by dumping $2.8 million on it.


The crash had been horrifying to watch as the price plummeted in a matter of hours. It almost reached $120 and by this week, it’s below $0.0001.

KSI tweeted after seeing the dip and outcry from those who lost their money, “Welcome to crypto. This is why you can’t put 100% of your wealth into it. Put your eggs in different areas from housing to stocks to paintings to watches etc.”

He had “never seen anything” like what happened with TerraLuna. The YouTuber and avid cryptocurrency trader also expresses concerns over how the major crash may cause the “general public steer CLEAR from crypto.”

He admitted that what he did could be crazy, dubbing it “yet another L I’ve taken during my crypto journey.”


KSI packed it up, but it wasn’t without advice from his life experience in being involved with the investment. He admitted to feeling “numb” even before crypto after making and losing a lot of money. He tweeted, “Money was a driving force in my mindset.”

“I… realized that money simply isn’t everything,” wrote the man.

After watching the insane plummeting value, KSI encouraged others to “really look within” before “destroying the things” that are important to themselves.


He’d gone find therapists and are all in a better place as he found “peace with myself.” Even after losing $2.8 million? “That’s ok because I’m not dead. I’ve got my family, my friends, and my vigorous work ethic haha.”

“Like I’m just in such a better place than I was last year,” his last tweet reads. “I guess you’ll see in the doc, but I was so lifeless last year.”

“But anyway, I’ve learned a lot during this crypto phase. Was a lost soul before it, and now I’m more focused and happier than ever,” the DrinkPrime Founder ended his thread.

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