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Kris Jenner Shows Her Bareface And Shared Skincare Tutorial For SKKN


Kris Jenner Shows Her Bareface And Shared Skincare Tutorial For SKKN

“I knew Kim was on to something.”

The 65-year-old star finally dropped the reason she’s looking so fresh every single day. Kris Jenner appeared in Kim Kardashian’s latest ad for her skincare line, SKKN, and showed off how she does her skincare routine with Kim’s products.

“I’m in my 60s, and for me to find a new routine that really works is kind of amazing,” she shared in her video.

Kris started gushing over how good the nine-step routine from SKKN has been doing to her skin. The monarch of the Kardashian empire added, “I remember the first two days I did it, I came downstairs at my house, and my cousin walked in the room and said, ‘Wow, what did you do to your skin?'”

“So, I knew Kim was on to something, and I just wanted to share my little routine with you.”

She began with the Cleanser to remove all the excess makeup on her face before washing it off with warm water. And then she followed with the Exfoliator after wiping her face off with a damp, hot towel.

“They provide this little spatula with it, but of course, I want to dig in with my hands and feel the texture,” she showed the consistency of the product with her fingers. “And I gently rub this all over my face.”

Kris gushed over the product and proceeded to use it on her lips as well before moving with the toner. She used drugstore cotton pads to give her face one wipe with it and then the hyaluronic serum, “which prepares the skin for all the other fabulous goodies.”

After letting it “bake for a minute or two,” she used Vitamin C serum, followed by Face Cream and the nighttime oil. There’s also the daytime oil, she explained, but she’s using what she did because she’s going to sleep after the video. Then finally, she used the eye cream.

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“I know Kim’s process, and her order might be a little different than mine, but I’m a little old school…. and I do my eye cream last.”

She added that Kim doesn’t really “get mad” with her different way of doing things and encourages fans not to feel burdened by having to follow the steps to the T.

Currently, the products are sold at only $575 during the promotion period for all nine of them.

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