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King Charles Loses His Temper Over ‘Stinking’ Pen Again


King Charles Loses His Temper Over ‘Stinking’ Pen Again

Charles is urged to switch to ballpoint pens to save himself from another outburst.

Fountain pens have proven to be stressful for King Charles III. Yet again, he has gotten angry over a fountain pen-related debacle following a warm welcome at the Hillsborough Castle in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The monarch went to sign another document with another fountain pen, and it resulted in chaos.

Another Pen Moment King Charles 7
King Charles III Gets Irritated Again By A Pen/Credit: Twitter

He struggled with the pen at the Hillsborough Castle before handing it to his wife, Queen Consort Camila, and stating: “Oh god, I hate this.” 

Another Pen Moment King Charles 3
Credit: Twitter
Another Pen Moment King Charles 2
Credit: Twitter

“Oh, look, it’s going everywhere – hang on,” Camila said as her husband angrily walked off. And looking clearly frustrated, the king added: “I can’t bear this bloody thing!” He continued as he was being escorted into a different room: “What they do every stinking time!” We can only imagine that having the eyes of a nation upon the new king after his mom’s passing is hands down demanding. 

Another Pen Moment King Charles 5
Credit: Twitter
Another Pen Moment King Charles 4
Credit: Twitter

Due to the pen mishap, fans are calling for King Charles III to switch to using ballpoint pens to avoid another outburst.

As you may recall, King Charles had a bit of an issue while signing the Accession Proclamation last weekend. He had appeared frustrated to have both the pen box and the inkpot on the small desk, which also had to accommodate large documents. As the documents were placed, he had signaled to an aide to remove the pen box from the desk to leave him enough space. 

Another Pen Moment King Charles 6
Credit: Twitter

Footage of the King gesturing to the Royal aide to clear the desk and remove the pen box instantly went viral.

Another Pen Moment King Charles 1
King Charles motions for an aide to remove his pen box/Credit: BBC

On Twitter, a fan wrote of the new pen mishap: “Charles’s historic reign as king is just a 37-minute montage of him screaming about a Bic ballpoint.” Another said: “Someone needs to get King Charles a ball point pen for Christmas.” While a third joked: “Latest news: King Charles III calls for ban on use of fountain pens for official documents, insisting that ballpoint pens be used instead.”

Another user suggested: “FYI, King Charles. BIC 4 Color Ballpoint Pen is a handy addition to any desk.”

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