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Kind-Hearted Youtuber Grandpa Who Makes Massive Meals For Orphans Passes Away


Kind-Hearted Youtuber Grandpa Who Makes Massive Meals For Orphans Passes Away

His kindness shall never be forgotten.

Thank you, Internet, for having been invented. Thanks to YouTube, the world get to enjoy generous acts of people around the world help give them monetary support. Narayana Reddy is among the volunteers who share their stories on YouTube.

Reddy, or mostly known as the Grandpa from ‘Grandpa Kitchen’ channel has been cooking massive meals for orphans.

He cooks massive meals, share the recipe and help orphans enjoy free meals once in a while. During the two years the channel was made, it has grown to over 6 million followers. The 73-year-old grandpa, however, has passed away on 27th of October to everyone’s dismay.

He gets help in making the massive dishes and needless to say, they are all so tempting. He makes sure he cooks enough for everyone to get their shares.

His recipe ranges from Coconut milkshake to chicken biryani. And in every video, he often says ‘Mix well’ which has become his catchphrase. Another catchphrase of his is ‘loving, caring, sharing: this is my family’.

The money he earned from his viral videos are donated to charities that provide basic necessities for people.

Unfortunately, his last video gave a live update on his health condition that suddenly experienced quick deterioration. People feared for the worst.

But he passed away at the age of 73 with a lot of people crying for the loss of a kind man. He may probably be gone, but it’s certainly beautiful to say the positive footprints he left on earth.

Goodbye, Grandpa!

One last tribute to the grandpa we all need.

The people are missing him already.

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