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Kim Kardashian Says She Wants To Start Her Own Successful Law Firm


Kim Kardashian Says She Wants To Start Her Own Successful Law Firm

Her 40s is about being Team Me for a long time.

Kim Kardashian has admitted that following her legal ambitions makes her feel closer to her father, the late Robert Kardashian. And indeed, spending time with him at his office influenced the 41-Year-Old, and doing this work has remained in her soul her years. 

The TV star is passionate about Criminal Justice Reform and wants to advocate for those wrongfully convicted. 

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It would be recalled that the Kardashians star had passed the bar baby, which is known as the First-Year Law Students’ Examination, in December. At the time, she admitted she had never worked so hard on anything, but it was worthwhile because she wanted to continue following her passion for Criminal Justice Reform. 

She told Vogue Hong Kong: “The experience taught me to so much and I’ve never worked so hard on something in my life. I had to be really diligent about studying and dedicated every spare minute I had into it.” She then dropped the big news about launching the Kardashian law firm. 

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The mom-of-four shared: “I dream of one day creating a successful law firm.” 

Of her father’s influence, Kim said she’s “so proud that I’m doing this work. When I look back at old interviews, when people asked what I wanted to do if I wasn’t filming KUTWK, I always said I wanted to be a crime scene investigator or an attorney.”

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“Being in this line of work has definitely made me feel closer to my dad and to know that I’m helping people feels really good at the end of the day.


Kim also reflected on how her outlook has changed over the years, saying in her 20s, it was about embracing all of the craziness and mistakes made at a young age. 

She continued: “You live your journey and hopefully learn from your experiences, so you don’t make the same mistakes over and over. My 30s were definitely about finding my own self confidence – to care less about what everyone else thought and to just live in the moment. My 40s are about being Team Me for a long time, I did so many things just to make others happy.”

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“Now, I’m realizing it’s ok to choose to do what makes you happy, like eating well, working out, and having more fun with my family.” 

This comes after a People source shared that Kim is crazy about her BF Pete Davidson, who’s spending most of his time in Los Angeles. 

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