Kim Kardashian Played Her Sister Kourtney On 'SNL' And Her Reaction Is Hilarious

Kim Kardashian Played Her Sister Kourtney On ‘SNL’ And Her Reaction Is Hilarious

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Kim Kardashian West appeared in a hot pink bodysuit to host for SNL last Saturday. And did you guys know that she really gave such a good roasting of basically everyone close to her? From her ex-husband to the show itself, she didn’t hold back at all.


“The People’s Kourt” stars Kim Kardashian as sister Kourtney, Khloé, and her mother, Kris Jenner.

In this hilarious hypothetical situation, Kourtney is a judge about to give her family members the punishment they deserve(?).

It starts off strong as Kim fights with Khloé over the makeup artist.

What is real, what is fake? Okay, jokes aside, that is the real Khloé Kardashian there. And it’s already hilarious how they got a sub for Kim while Kim did her best to be Courtney.

If you’re wondering, that’s Heidi Gartner trying her best to do Kim’s impression in Kim’s viral Met Gala look.

Then it’s Kris Jenner’s turn to protest her daughter’s lack of drama.

Kendall’s part is played by Halsey, while pregnant Kylie is acted out by Melissa Villaseñor.

Kanye by Chris Redd has also appeared as the previously married couple seems to have a lot of things to discuss still.

Kourtney’s boyfriend Travis Barker also made an appearance and they weren’t holding back.

The next one up is Machine Gun Kelly and his girlfriend, Megan Fox.

Look at that perfect rendition of the wild couple.

And of course, we’re not supposed to forget the old family friend, O.J. Simpson.

Looks like she has a perfect grasp of what kind of jokes shade her family the best.

Watch her monotonous Kourtney judge-self as she questions her own sisters’ and mom’s motivation in life.