'Karen' Attacks Black Woman In Victoria’s Secret Store, Has A Full Breakdown After Noticing She's Being Recorded

‘Karen’ Attacks Black Woman In Victoria’s Secret Store, Has A Full Breakdown After Noticing She’s Being Recorded

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This white woman was caught at the beginning of the tape attacking a black woman. But as soon as she realized that she was being recorded, she went on a full-blown meltdown in the middle of the store, right in front of the cashier.

The videos have since gone viral on social media from TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

The video was filmed inside Short Hills Mall by Ijeoma Ukenta Sunday, the victim. The white woman caught in the video has been identified as Abigail Elphick. She was seen attempting to attack Ukenta with her hand but soon turned on her “victim” play.

Ukenta explains she was just browsing for lingerie when Abigail suddenly shoves her to get her out of her way.

Her shenanigans range from screaming and crying to rolling around the floor. But the officers said they couldn’t drag her out.

Yes, Ukenta continued to film down when the officers from the Millburn Police Department came. She continued with her breakdown session and was told that they couldn’t escort her out. Oh, they also told her to stay away.

Despite her acting like this.

Ukenta eventually checks in at a local police station.

In an update, Ukenta explains, “I have the police report, which is somewhat true, but really, really long. I’m happy I did record because even the officers stated that I only showed him the video of her laying on the floor when I showed him.”

Karen admitted in the statement that it was her fault but attributed her nasty behaviors to panic attacks from realizing that she was recorded.

Ukenta continued, “Mind you; they took her statement first because, of course, she called the police. And she completely lied. She’s trying to say I started videotaping her, causing her to have a panic attack, at which time, she followed me to try to get me to stop recording.”

“So, I’m filing the complaint against the two officers that responded. I didn’t feel protected. I’m also filing a complaint against the mall security.”

She added that the store had helped her by sending someone to get the security to come quickly as they were taking too long. Ukenta explained, “So, I don’t really have any issues with them… not as of yet. Now, if they give us problems getting the video, then we’ll talk about that. That’ll be another story.”

More than $67k had been raised to fight against the injustice she is facing.

On social media, people could not believe the way a grown-up woman was acting like that.