Karen Demanded 'Manager Of The Airport' From Being Held Down By The Security

Karen Demanded ‘Manager Of The Airport’ From Being Held Down By The Security

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Meltdown at the airport is not a rare sighting. Security guards have to be extra vigilant because the airport is a spot where many things can happen simultaneously. Delayed flights, late passengers, smugglings, Karens…

Did we say Karens? Yes. You’d think your average Karen wouldn’t attempt their shenanigans against law enforcement, but here we are.


In a video with more than 3.2 million views, a woman in yellow and cream two-piece was seen screaming hysterically at the Indianapolis Airport.


She claimed that the man in police suit had choke-holded her. She demanded the people sitting in the waiting lounge to side with her, but evidently, they just quietly watched as she continued screaming.

Then she asked for the manager of the airport…


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original sound – Kevin Durio

“He threw me to the ground,” she claimed. “I want the manager of the f***ing airport here! Who saw him choke me to the ground?!” she asked the crowd. Finally, the person who filmed spoke up, “I saw you run through the door when you weren’t supposed to.”

In her defense, she screamed/replied, “He choke-holded me to the ground! I am a woman in a dress!”

One slightly mean man exclaimed, “You deserved it!”

“Boo hoo!” and everyone lost it.

She still wanted to talk to the manager, by the way.

That wasn’t the end. Evidently, it was Karen who demanded this whole thing to be filmed, so here you go: part two.


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original sound – Kevin Durio

“I didn’t do anything. I need to get on this place. Why am I being held?” she continued before screaming out loud.


“Please someone film this!”


Police officers pushed her away and hopefully… she gets help.


Like, there’s no way you see a woman being hysterical like that, force herself on a plane and not wish they get help? Although, the best part of it all was most of the passengers were just minding their own business.

Except for our amazing amateur cameraman who made sure to film it as she demanded.

The video had also made its way to Twitter and people were cackling.


Indianapolis Airport has also made a comment on the viral video.