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Julia Fox Made A Modern DIY On Her Mom’s Bikini With A Piercing


Julia Fox Made A Modern DIY On Her Mom’s Bikini With A Piercing

The celebrity loves sharing her affordable fashion tips and tricks.

She’s known for her piercing eye makeup and black-dominated fashion outfits. And she’s a name that’s recently mentioned a lot on the internet because of her whirlwind romance with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye “Ye” West.

Julia Fox rocks high-end fashion that people often compare to the Kardashian’s iconic look, which was often dominated by Balenciaga’s designer items.

But she’s also, at the same time, known as a pretty down-to-earth mom-of-one who deals with criticisms calmly and banters when it’s fitting. Like when she was slightly high when she talked about “Uncut Jams.” Or when she spoke about her very sharp eye makeup on a red carpet interview.

She also loves denim and has a whole set of it. And we mean a whole set, like from the top to the shoes, and even a bag made of jeans pants!

Have a pair of jeans that you don’t fit in anymore? Or want a new style with an old pair of ripped jeans that are just way too ripped now? Don’t fret! Her DIY ideas might just spell your next eye-turning look in denim!

Her most recent creative achievement was using a $15 piercing to upcycle her mother’s bikini top.

The mom-of-one shared how her mom’s bikini top’s clasp broke. And for most people, that might just mean having to throw a pair of otherwise perfectly fine bras for recycling because they don’t know how to sew. But shared how you can fix this without a single sewing knowledge.

“I went and bought a piercing from St. Marks. It was like 15 bucks, and voilΓ  β€” upcycled!” she excitedly shared the result.

The barefaced star showed how the bra snugged nicely after the new fix!

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