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Judge Says Amber Heard Can Appeal Verdict, But It Will Cost Her $10.35m


Judge Says Amber Heard Can Appeal Verdict, But It Will Cost Her $10.35m

Even with $2m from Depp, it is still a lot of money.

The number $8.35m has been going viral along with Amber Heard’s name for the past month since she lost her defamation case against ex-husband Johnny Depp. And since losing, Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, has insisted that she has “excellent grounds” to appeal the verdict.

Heard, who seems adamant about appealing, will have to pay more if she decides to do it, per a judge’s explanation.

A judge who’s added the judgment into the record expanded on what the verdict would mean for her: an additional 6% on top of the $10.35 million being posted as a bond. That is an extra fee of $621k. TMZ reported. Although, Heard was granted $2 million per the jury’s verdict as well.

She’s also released a statement not long after the verdict through her rep, “As stated in yesterday’s congressional hearings, you don’t ask for a pardon if you are innocent. And, you don’t decline to appeal if you know you are right.”

Depp shows no signs of waiving the fee for his ex-wife and was seen splurging at a high-end Indian cuisine restaurant with his friends in the UK.

Experts have also commented that no studios would want to accept Heard back into the Hollywood scene because of the “personal baggage” that was revealed in the court.

Per Elaine’s words, Heard also appeared to be financially incapable of paying the full amount declared by the court.


She will have to file for bankruptcy to waive off the $10 million from her ledger. But even with that, she still has to pay $350,000. On top of that, Just Jared reported rumors of Nicole Kidman brought into ‘Aquaman 2’ to replace Heard’s Mera urgently though Heard denied the rumors.

We’ll still have to wait to see if Heard will forge on to appeal, considering how it’s going to be an uphill battle for her.


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