Jimmy Fallon Tried Doing His Show From Home But His Kids Kept Crashing His Monologue

Jimmy Fallon Tried Doing His Show From Home But His Kids Kept Crashing His Monologue

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Working from home is difficult for most of us -keeping focused, keeping optimistic and staying in touch with your colleagues can be pretty challenging, most especially when you have kids around.

Within this period of isolation, late-night show hosts, including Jimmy Fallon are opting to work directly from home.

Working From Home With Kids Around Is Definitely Not An Easy Task

The number of children shrieking, laughing or screaming and in general, causing chaos over Skype/Hangout/Zoom meetings has in recent weeks skyrocketed and interestingly the more affected are the parent themselves.

People Understands It’s A Tedious Environment

Evidently, children are children! It doesn’t matter if they’re celebrity kids or not, they just will behave wild and crazy as everyone else’s kids. Maybe even more so, if their father is the popularly known Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon is a dad to two beautiful daughters– his oldest daughter, Winne is 7 while his youngest named Frances is,6.  His latest show really portrayed the struggles that tons of parents are going through. Fallon’s kids were spotted yelling, screaming and running past the front of the camera, while also climbing over him as he tries to deliver his monologue.

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If you’re a parent working from home, it’s certain you will relate to what Fallon is dealing with and if you aren’t, you then should be thankful.

 It would probably have also been easy to witness Jimy pretending that nothing was different from working at home, but his followers were excited to see a celebrity admitting how tough it can.

Fan Loved It On Seeing Jimmy’s Honest Act On What Working With Kids Is Like