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Jason Momoa Wants ‘Twins’ Remake With Peter Dinklage


Jason Momoa Wants ‘Twins’ Remake With Peter Dinklage

Twins 2021 probably in view!

You’re perhaps wondering what “Twins” is all about, but don’t ponder much, it’s just a classic movie that entails fraternal twins, Vincent, and Julius that got separated at birth.

First produced in 1988, the movie had starred Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And now, Jason Momoa has expressed his excitement in the remake of the well-known classic movie. And for his other twin, he’s considering Peter Dinklage to play the perfect partner.

It will, however, be fun to see Tyrion Lannister be a brother to Khal Drogo played by Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones.

Earlier in a panel discussion, Jason had revealed that ‘Twins’ was one of his favorite movies and immediately fans popped a question: ‘Will you be willing to park of the remake with Peter Dinklage?

“F**kin’ tell me where to sign! Absolutely. That’d be amazing. I love that movie.” Jason responded.

Anyways, a lighthearted funny movie seems to be what all that is needed right away, so let’s see what happen next!

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