Bride Expects To Pay Guests With Exposure

‘I’m Not Rich But I Deserve A Nice Wedding’, Bride Expects To Pay Guests With Exposure

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Recently, a bride-to-be announced on Facebook her groom’s godmother has been so kind offering to host them (wedding) at her estate in Maine, which she revealed it’s a historical landmark.  

And since receiving such a lifted burden off the shoulder, it’s expected, she saves the money, right? However, she’s hoping she won’t be paying for any other services as well.

sefa ozel (not the actual photo)

The Bride Shared Her Appeal On Facebook

Her appeal was majorly hinged on ‘exposure.’ The bride believed that the exposure of putting on a wedding in an undisclosed location in Maine would also compensate for things like an entire wedding staff’s flight and accommodation.

Her Friends Were Umimpresed

Specifically for a month-long honeymoon, the bride could have even gotten a discount due to the fact that tourism tends to dry up in Dubai in the summer months. And since the weather condition might not even motivate the couple to go out in exploring the city, they could stay home, trapping themselves inside a shopping mall for a month while also saving money.

The Bride’s Story Did Make It Way To r/ChoosingBeggars Where Reddit Users Were Also Left Unimpressed