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‘I’m A Grandma At 44, But People Say I’m Lying Because I Look So Hot’


‘I’m A Grandma At 44, But People Say I’m Lying Because I Look So Hot’

Just filters, no cosmetic work done.

Claire McGougan has been accused of lying because of a claim that she’s aged 44 and already a grandma. The Scotland-based regularly shares videos on her TikTok, and recently, she got harsh comments that said: “Granny, yeah, right.” While another said it was all bulls***. 

Having had enough, Claire hit back with another video where she cuddled her baby grandson. 


In the clip, she gives the sleepy baby a bottle of milk and winks at the camera. She equally said: “See your wee comments, so I thought I’d jump on. Yes, I am 100% a gran – I love it, best thing ever! Happy happy.”  Yet again, it garnered views, and most comments were also quite rude. 

@clairemcgougan6 Reply to @christhoen #fyp #foryou #forupage #LiveForTheChallenge ♬ original sound – Claire Mcgougan

But thankfully, some were amazed as one commented: “You look great! Think people are jealous.” Another said: “Glamorous gran! You’re gorgeous and I’m jealous.”

Someone else told Claire they can’t believe how many negative comments she gets, yet remains a stunningly gorgeous gran. A few tried to guess her age as they thought she could be 40 or 50. But Claire eventually informed them: “45 in July – the 3rd if you want to send me a birthday card.” 


She then admitted to using filer but said she hadn’t had cosmetic work. “The only thing being smoothed out on my face is me using a filter – everything else is me.” 

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