Woman Go From 'Girlfriend To Gran' In 30 Seconds, And Its Blowing People Away

Woman Go From ‘Girlfriend To Gran’ In 30 Seconds, And Its Blowing People Away

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If she looks hideous, then you’d probably turn religious once you see me. Tiffany from Florida has gone viral with her video replying to a hater that said she’s a “glam turn gran.” Translation: she is good with her makeup.

Makeup makes us look good and it makes us feel good, but of course, men and their audacity.

What better way than to drop that bombshell look in reply to negative comments?


Ironically, the negative comment did not deny that she looks glam with her hairdo and makeup. Oh, Tiffany isn’t just relying on makeup – the 39-year-old has been hitting the gym regularly for that fit body.

She has a good fashion sense, impeccable makeup skills; what else could women have asked for?


People couldn’t stop complimenting her amazing skills because she absolutely slayed that look!


Reply to @scorpion_244 “SIT” down…I’m HIGH VALUE without makeup and clothes! ##fypシ ##glowup ##hatersgonnahate ##youmadbro

original sound – Tiffany

It’s like men are saying if you’re over 30, you don’t have the right to look pretty.


Without makeup? Yeah, it’s hard for like almost all of us women. Even some men!


You know that people who made these comments are the same people who say we look tired without our makeup. As if we asked to have these eyebags to be imprinted on us since we were born. Or how our skin color looks a little dim without skincare. Men just expect women to have red lips, glowing skin, perfect hair without makeup.


“SIT down… I’m HIGH VALUE without makeup and clothes,” she captioned in one of her videos.