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Super-fit Grandma, 52, Flooded With Messages From Guys Half Of Her Age


Super-fit Grandma, 52, Flooded With Messages From Guys Half Of Her Age

“I would say weightlifting is the best way to stay fit and lean.”

Charlene Farnsworth spends half her time in bikinis showing off her super toned body on Instagram, with 218 followers. If she isn’t doing this, the 52-Year-Old can be found in the gym as she spends about six days a week working out, focusing mainly on weightlifting. 

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Due to her super-fit body, the hot grandma is often mistaken for a model, and, YES, young men, including those half her age, flood her DMs. 

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But the Canada-based is happily married to her husband Mike Farnsworth and counts twenty-two years together. 

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Charlene credits her husband for supporting her fitness journey and reveals that she’s having the best s*x of her life since dedicating herself to bodybuilding. 

“People often tell me that I look younger than my age, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because of my body. I’m not the shy girl I use to be because I feel good in my skin. When I’m in the gym, I have my headphones on, and I am super focused on my workout,” Charlene – the mom-of-two and grandmother-of-one said of her toned torso. 

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She added that people approach her and ask if she’s a fitness model or training for something specific. 

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“Women at the gym are great, and they often compliment me. They will tell me that I have the perfect body and ask how I do it. A few have even said they hope to get the results I’ve managed to achieve.” Thankfully, the bodybuilder has dabbled in modeling and studying to become a personal trainer. 

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She weight lifts up to three hours a day and does Cardio a couple of times per week for roughly 20-30 minutes.

Charlene continued: “My husband is extremely proud of my accomplishments. He loves the fact that I’ve become so fit and confident. He deals with the admirers very well, knowing that he is the one that gets to go through life by my side. When I was less confident, I would worry that I wasn’t good enough, not that my husband ever made me feel that way, it was my own issue.”

“Now that I feel so good in my skin, I never doubt myself. I definitely feel sexier naked now.” 

It turns out Charlene sticks to a healthy diet, although it changes depending on whether she’s trying to maintain her weight or bulk up for a fitness competition. However, it includes oatmeal with protein powder for breakfast, lean beef with rice for lunch, eggs white with 12-grain French toast, and protein powder for dinner. 

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