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‘I Got Invited For Dinner And They Charged Me For It – This Is Weird, Right?’


‘I Got Invited For Dinner And They Charged Me For It – This Is Weird, Right?’

This is really bizarre.

Amber Nelson was left dumbfounded when a friend charged her for a casual dinner at home. The friend, whose name wasn’t shared, casually mentioned wanting money for the pasta she served during the night and then sent the Podcast host a Venmo request a few hours later for $20.

Nelson told her followers on Twitter about the mentioned above, and as expected, has left thousands slamming the abnormal behavior. 

“Got invited to someone’s place for dinner and they charged me for it. This is weird, right?” reads Nelson’s post. 


In a follow-up tweet, she added: “This makes me not want to accept offerings in the future.”


Nelson’s experience has since brought forward a series of anecdotes that proved some people actually exhibit such bizarre behavior. One person wrote: “I went to a dinner party with lobster once, and after dinner, they asked everyone for $75 each. It didn’t go over well.”


Another said: “I invited someone over because I was cooking dinner and told them to bring some drinks, and they charged me for the drinks the day after. It was wild.” A third uttered: “My friend’s jazz-singer sister got married and sold tickets to her wedding [and expected immediate family to buy tickets as well] because she was going to sing at the reception.”

A fourth attested: “This happened to me as well. The guy even wanted to charge us for the spices he used to make the food – he broke down the cost for us to see.” A few people validated Nelson’s disbelief as one wrote: “It’s beyond weird. It’s sociopathic. Another said: “I’m literally aghast at how fiscally irresponsible you have to be to make vodka pasta for two people at $20 per head. Like did she buy a handle of Grey Goose to put in it or?!”


Others opted for a violent approach as one said: “If you invite me to your house, offer me food and then demand I pay you for it, I’m keying your car on the way out.” Another said: “This would be my supervillain origin story. You should ask them to show you the permit or license for their restaurant. If they say they don’t have one, tell them you’re obligated to report them to the health department for running an unlicensed food service business.” 

Someone expressed just how confused they were with such request, saying: “This is odd and awkward and dishonorable? How did they bring it up – straight up? “Oh, btw you owe us $20? Or did they circle around it awkwardly and try to justify it in advance somehow? However, if you were in Nelson’s shoes, what would you have done, or perhaps would you have taken the violent approach?

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