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‘Hungry Artist’ Peels $120k Banana Off The Art Gallery Wall And Eats It


‘Hungry Artist’ Peels $120k Banana Off The Art Gallery Wall And Eats It

All thanks to a single banana…

The fact that a banana is displayed as a $120,000 artwork is already ridiculous to people. The things are a fruit that we eat everyday and an artist decided to tape the banana to a wall and call it art. There were three similar banana-duct tape artworks and two of them have been sold at around $120,000 according to the gallery.

The third one, however, did not survive.

New-York based performance artist, David Datuna, walked over to the display and took off the banana. He peeled it off right then and there and ate it as people were recording and taking pictures of him. He was promptly escorted safely out of the gallery. He recorded his stunt on Saturday.

Datuna said, “Fifty-percent of people say don’t do this it’s crazy. Another 50-percent say do it it’s genius. So you know it’s absolutely what art about. Art is about the question mark.”

Datuna also thinks that the artist made this art installation as a joke, so he decided to outlive that. The gallery, however, will not press charges against him.

Oh, and a new lucky banana has been duct-taped in replacement. This time, it’s there with a couple of security guards.

The ‘hungry artist’ says the banana is ‘very tasty’.

The only question left now is if the banana has any preservative in it since it’s being put on display. I hope everything’s fine with everyone today!

Here’s the stunt video of David Datuna eating a banana:

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