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Woman Asks Random Men To Kiss Her In Front Of Landmarks For Romantic Instagram Pictures


Woman Asks Random Men To Kiss Her In Front Of Landmarks For Romantic Instagram Pictures

Some people can do anything for the perfect Instagram pic!

People love to share the places they’ve traveled on Instagrammable spots, shooting the best poses on pictures. But way too many people have done similar things and let’s be honest – we’ve seen hundreds of similar poses on the same spots sometimes that we feel ‘sick’ about seeing one more of the same.

So, a woman decided to be slightly different in her endeavor of posting something memorable. It involves a random man and a kiss. And Green Lemon just loves how they looked so totally romantic in these shots and to think they’ve never met before!

Kristiana Kuqi’s romantic picture while kissing with a man at the Eiffel Tower turns out to be one with a random man!

And that wasn’t the only one: she had also asked another random in front of the Colosseum in Rome.

She also added a similar caption on Instagram, ‘I hope the man from Rome is good as well.’

Those aren’t the only two! Kuqi posted another romantic picture as she tiptoed for a kiss with a fireman.

‘And the fireman who attended to a fire at a wedding I was at in Kentucky. Hope he’s good too.’

Beautiful lady Kristiana was praised by Twitter users for her breathtaking pictures.

Her posts of beautiful kisses with random men in romantic places have garnered over 60k retweets.

People were LOVING the posts of the brave girl who seeks out willing others to take the romantic pictures. Some people think it’s a huge flex and girl, that’s one good flex.

Other users were sharing their experiences as well. ‘I have also done this,’ wrote one who took a romantic shot on Empire State Building in NY.

Another wrote, ‘I feel you. I hope this French man I had a fling with in Bali is doing good.’

A third one shared her photo, ‘I did this at the Trevi fountain!’

Kuqi admitted that while they all looked gorgeous, it was actually ‘so nerve-wrecking’ but ultimately ‘good for the soul’.

People were flooding her post with positive feedback!

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