Hilarious Text Fight Between Two Sisters Sums Up What It’s Like To Have Siblings

Hilarious Text Fight Between Two Sisters Sums Up What It’s Like To Have Siblings

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Growing up with sisters implies boundless laughing, oversharing, and importantly a lot of tussles. But as the years go on, things gradually change except for the inevitable fights.

If you have siblings, you sure would understand what it’s like to fight as well as makeup pretty fast. And that evidently the case of Jordan Torstenson, 12, and Trinity Hartman, 16 – two siblings from Arizona who recently uploaded their text fight on the internet.

What began as a simple request, (the borrow of spandex) instantly erupted into a full-blown war of words exchange over missing makeup and entering of rooms. The conclusion of the text fight is, however, what captured the attention of internet users and now people are finding it relatable while also sharing their own sibling squabbles.

Sisters Jordan Torstenson, 12 And Trinity Hartman, 16 Shared The Most Relatable Sibling Fight Ever

What Started As A Simple Text Exchange Erupted Into The Worst Twist

And Interestingly, The Way The Conversation Ended Is What Had Internet Users Laughing Out Loud

‘My sister and I argue about little things, but in the end, we make up. We love each other a lot, to the extent that if I am mad, I still got her back. She’s honestly a best friend.’ Trinity said in an interview with Buzzfeed News.

Expectedly, Twitter Reacted With Opinions On The Subject Matter:

And The Best Part Is People Started Posting Their Own Experience Of Sibling Rivalry:

You can’t live with siblings, you can’t live without them as well!