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Here’s How Birds See The World As Compared To Humans And It’s Pretty Astonishing


Here’s How Birds See The World As Compared To Humans And It’s Pretty Astonishing

One true thing is true for most birds – Vision!

For so long, a lot of individuals have been in the dark about how other animals see. But thanks to recent scientific research who has revealed an astonishing world of vision across the different animal kingdom.

For instance, the brain of dragonfly works so fast that it sees any movement even in slow motion. Snakes pick up infrared heat signals from warm objects, hence detecting their prey while Zebras and horses also have eyes pointed sideways, as it enables them to have a peripheral vision and avoid incoming danger when necessary.

Accordingly, insect uses compound eyes that consist of thousands of tiny lenses, looking like a honeycomb pattern. Thus, it’s no surprise that animals are different in their vision, but a particular species in the animal kingdom who stand out at all times are Birds.

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Specifically, birds are recognized as bizarre creatures when you take a close look at them. Do you know that penguins can recognize both sour and salty tastes? Do you also know that Palila birds, native to Hawaii greatly feed on the seeds of the mamane plant – the plant contains a level of toxins that can kill any other small animal.

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Anyways, one major thing is unique to most birds, they’re superior in vision. Birds are tetrachromats since they see four colors: Red, Green, Blue, and UV, whereas we humans (trichromats) see just three colors: Red, Green, and Blue.

Cynthia Tedore

Confirming this, an Ornithologist, Joe Smith explained that birds have the amazing ability to see, a whole spectrum of colors that are very invisible to us, humans. Studies have equally proven that birds have colors that are simply undetectable by human eyes.

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