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Meet Harpy Eagle, The Huge Bird, Everyone Think It’s A Person In A Costume


Meet Harpy Eagle, The Huge Bird, Everyone Think It’s A Person In A Costume

Dubbed a ‘Royal Hawk’ in Brazil.

Oh, my God, that’s a huge bird! How come?

Here’s how you will react when you see a big harpy eagle for the first time, whether in physical or through a photo. The huge bird is, well, incredibly huge, Proud, Majestic and Fierce. A Harpy Eagle is very peculiar that from an angle it appears a bit like a person cosplaying a bird.

The Harpy Eagle is a bird of prey that lives in the rainforest and it’s sincerely big


They are quite popular on the internet. For instance, a compilation of pictures featuring a harpy eagle garnered over 91,600 likes/votes in less than 15-20hours on Reddit. The same photo gathered over 120,000 views on Imgur.

Many individuals believed harpy eagles look like people wearing a bird costume


Well, don’t get their physique wrong, they aren’t for jokes. They are truly birds of prey. The American and The Papuan type of Harpy Eagles – best you know now!

The Harpy Eagles appear super-serious and goofy

Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

They are the largest as well as the most powerful raptors that can be found in rainforests around the world. Interestingly, they are categorized among the largest species of Eagles on Earth, with a wingspan reaching 7 feet and 4 inches. Harpy Eagles also weigh around 8.5-20 Pounds.

The Eagle has a peculiar face!

Colin Hepburn
The Next Gen Scientist

Also called the Royal Hawk in Brazil, there are fewer than 50,000 of them remaining across many countries.

The Eagle’s claws are nothing to joke with

Judie Custer

Reportedly, harpy eagles eat larger animals than smaller prey. They get satisfied with animals like lizards, snakes, coatis, monkeys, and sloths among others.

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