Guy Who Refused To Give His Bus Seat To A Pregnant Lady Explains Why

Guy Who Refused To Give His Bus Seat To A Pregnant Lady Explains Why

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Pregnant women have often complained about not being pitied when standing in a bus or queuing on lines in grocery stores. In response, some people have argued it’s not selfishness that stops them from making a sympathetic gesture but a fear of the consequences. But then, what’s the worst that can happen?

It’s so natural to help pregnant women, including older people, on public transportation. When they ask for a seat, it’s expected you give without questioning. Well, one man has proven to lack good manners yet feels quite proud of it. 

The man recently took to the r/AITA Subreddit to ask if he was a complete jerk or not for refusing to give up his bus seat to a heavily pregnant woman because he was exhausted from work. The man, who posted under the username @feetf**kinghurt, gave reasons for his actions, but many people, including his family, aren’t convinced. 

User @feetf**kinghurt gave reasons why he didn’t give up his bus seat to a pregnant woman and asked if he was a jerk or not.

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Unsurprisingly, members of the subreddit unanimously criticized the man, pointed out he was visibly wrong, and even dubbed him a huge jerk. ‘I was tired and had a long day, and I don’t know why we need to keep perpetuating the idea that breeding somehow means you are entitled to people’s seats. I am tired too; we’re all tired in this pandemic.’ The Redditor said. He opined that everyone is exhausted during the pandemic; hence everyone deserves a break.

Of course, we all are exhausted from the global pandemic, but what separates the kind-hearted people from the rest is the extra mile you can go and the ability to give out of the little to others in need. Standing up for a pregnant woman won’t for sure give you a gold medal, but it will make you an actual hero.  According to Alpha Parent, heavily pregnant women tend to experience back pain when they’re getting close to delivery.

This pain can spread to the legs, so having a place to sit down can be magical. Similarly, standing for an extended time can be dangerous – pregnant women’s heart rate naturally increases, blood pressure falls, and even cardiac output decreases. But once she’s seated, the heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output return to normal. Nonetheless, no matter what you’re going through, helping people shouldn’t be an option for you. It goes a long way, and it can be rewarding!