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Woman Tries To Sell Train Seat Covers As Crop Top And People Are Out Of Words


Woman Tries To Sell Train Seat Covers As Crop Top And People Are Out Of Words

It’s a crop top… in used condition.

We totally understand that to compete in today’s business means to be as creative as you can. You have to keep up with the situation and trend. Fashion is one of the hardest hit because people are reluctant to spend on things they can’t wear out for a long time anyway.

Well, we definitely underestimated what some people will do.


In an attempt to sell crop top, a woman on Depop has listed this particular style and design at the price of £15. It has a very uncanny resemblance to the seat covers of the Chiltern Railways trains…

Because they are the same thing.


The product description reads, “Social distancing Children Railways crop. Got a few of these, can do different sizes.”

It was also listed in ‘Used’ condition.

While this seems ridiculous, this very style has gone viral, with multiple marketplaces copying the design. To be very honest, nobody is able to confirm if this ‘crop top’ has been separated produced or they were indeed stolen from the seats of the trains.

It was shared by Depop Drama and people are losing their mind.


The tweet has gone viral with more than 373k likes and 40k retweets in total. People are just so done with this bizarre advertisement, questioning its origin.


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