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Guy Shows How Quarantine Has Affected Dating Profiles And Everyone Loved It


Guy Shows How Quarantine Has Affected Dating Profiles And Everyone Loved It

Prepare for a non-stop contagious laughter!

The outbreak surrounding COV1D-19 has severely impacted every part of our lives. Many of us are shocked by the spread of the virus, tired from all the panic buying around us and madly bothered to be locked in our homes.

Nevertheless, despite going through difficult times, many of us are lucky enough to identify that our sense of humor has not been affected.

Nate Hoffeditz from Knoxville, Tennessee, is among the individuals whose sense of humor isn’t affected. Recently, the man went viral for his infectious sense of humor after posting photos of “Dating profiles during quarantine be like ….”Pictures.

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Nate Hoffeditz Went Recently Viral For His Hilarious Photos Showing How Quarantine Inspired Dating Profiles

‘I found out people are really beginning to think about staying safe during this period and I wanted to lift the spirits of people. I hope to laugh, but I don’t still dismiss anything people do to stay alive. I just sat in the house and thought it was going to be a funny thing to try to do.’ Nate said.

His hilarious photos have since garnered over 210 shares, over 39K comments and over 66K likes, with many internet users revealing they had finally gotten the much-required laugh.

Nate added: ‘Initially, I never expected anyone more than my friends of Facebook to see it, so it was a surprise when it went really viral. I know, too soon.’

“Let Me Be That Prince Charmin©”

Presently, a lot of single beings are forced to put up meeting potential partners on hold due to the quarantine and the only thing left for them is online dating. Nate revealed he’s single, but won’t blame the quarantine for his relationship status.

‘The Only Contagious Thing In This Home Is Laughing-Out-Loud

‘In Search For A Love, That’s Non-Perishable’

‘And The Only Thing I’m Not Afraid Of Catching Is Feelings’

The best part about Nate’s post is that he managed to, however, make a handful of exhausted people laugh. Besides, laughter is the best antidote for some problems.

‘Baby Let Me Glove You Up’

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