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Grounded Young Parrot Flies Again After Vet Gives It A Wing Transplant


Grounded Young Parrot Flies Again After Vet Gives It A Wing Transplant

Fly on & enjoy your new wings, Wei Wei!

A vet has given a twelve-week-old parrot a beautiful wing transplant after severe wing trim left it unable to fly. Just like many other birds, the parrot identified as Wei Wei, a young Green Cheeked Conure had her wings clipped to prevent her from flying away.

The incident left her falling to the ground, in turn hurting her badly. Catherine Apuli, 31, an Animal doctor from Brisbane, Australia ‘The Unusual Pet Vets’ gathered the donated wings tips which were eventually glued when Wei Wei was lifeless.

Termed ‘Imping’ – fixing a damaged feather by attaching a new one is regarded as a centuries-old practice trouble-free for birds to experience.

A wing transplant involves attaching parts of donated feathers to a bird’s clipped or damaged ones using glue or toothpicks for support. The procedure was a total success, with Wei Wei flying to the air again within hours, permitting her to learn how to maneuver as well as land effectively.

‘The bird had a severe wing trim. The flight feathers were cut too short and too many feathers were also cut. As a result of the wing clip, the bird was sustained heavy falls to the ground, potentially injuring the bird.’ Dr. Apuli explained.

She continued: ‘In Wei Wei’s case, she fell heavily and her owner observed she was pained on her feet. Primary flight feathers, the big feathers at the end of the wings might result in pain, aggression, self-induced feather plucking, and bleeding.’

Done correctly, clipping should, however, allow a bird to fly downwards and land safely indoors.

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