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Girl Rescued By Firefighters After She Got Stuck Inside University Tumble Dryer


Girl Rescued By Firefighters After She Got Stuck Inside University Tumble Dryer

She had a few glasses to drink when she was dared to get inside the dryer.

Firefighters were called on to a bizarre rescue mission on Tuesday evening involving a university student who got stuck inside her shared accommodation’s tumble dryer.

Rosie Cole, 21, had been down a few glasses of wine and honey tequila in a drinking game with housemates in the university halls in Beresford Avenue, north Hull. She was then dared to get into the clothes drier.

Rosie, 21, Was Down few Glasses Of Wine with Housemates Who then Dared Her To get Inside The Tumble dryer

Cole reportedly initially thought she had “no chance” of fitting but being tipsy, she went on to wriggle inside anyways and got stuck halfway.

At around 11 pm Emergency services were called after it was clear Cole couldn’t get herself out of the embarrassing situation.

 Rose, who comes from Yorkshire said: “It wasn’t until I wriggled both my hips in and got my legs crossed behind me that I couldn’t get out.”

 “They save cats from trees” so maybe they could “save students from tumble dryers.” she added.

When Emergency Services were Called In, It took Three Firefighters To Rescue Rosie From The Clothes Spinner

The whole rescue mission lasted 20 minutes in total involving three firefighters.

After rescuing the damsel in distress, the house of six was given a safety briefing with Cole admitting the three officers played nice all through.

 ‘They were lovely, and they just laughed at me. When they were leaving, they opened the washing machine and asked if anyone else needed saving.

‘They gave us a fire safety brief and asked if we knew what to do if there was a fire.

‘I remember learning stop drop and roll but I don’t know how relevant that is when you’re inside a dryer.

‘I’ve never tried it before, and I can definitely say I won’t be trying it ever again! It was definitely not one of my finest moments; I will be leaving this one out of the CV.

‘I’m not going to lie. I never do my own washing anyway, I’ve never even used the dryer, but maybe I should start putting my clothes in it when they’re not on my body.’

The sound of sirens awoke Housemate, Lydia Dunwell, 21, who initially thought the house might be on fire.

When Housemates Rang Emergency Services, The Phone Operator Assumed It Was A Small Child Stuck

The psychology student was heading straight to the main entrance but was instead shocked to see Rosie in the dryer. She immediately began to film the moment while trying hard to suppress her laughter.

‘I was up for about 20 minutes as I felt a bit ill and wanted to sleep but I woke up to blaring sirens and thought our house was on fire, she said.

‘I sprinted downstairs in my pajamas and then I saw her – she was just stuck in the dryer. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was so ridiculous. 

‘I was completely speechless and couldn’t stop laughing. I tried to be serious when the firefighters came in but I felt like a little kid and couldn’t stop laughing.

‘It took three firefighters to get her out and they had to unblock the entire street. 

When housemates called for emergency services, the phone operator thought that a small child was stuck.

 “It was so embarrassing – they had to tell her it was a grown 21-year-old woman.”Lydia added.

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