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Family-Of-Five Is So Tall They Struggle With Normal-Sized Furniture & Had To Modify Home


Family-Of-Five Is So Tall They Struggle With Normal-Sized Furniture & Had To Modify Home

The Floridians had shower heads raised and king-size toilets installed at home.

Being tall comes with difficulties, but this family of five seems to have found a way around theirs. The Florida-based struggled with normal-sized furniture; they had to transform their home. They made changes, including raising worktops, so they’re not bending over to complete normal day-to-day tasks. 

While being tall has its inconveniences, the family has chosen to stay positive and wouldn’t dream of wanting to be shorter.

“We have high ceilings, so we don’t feel that our house is too small for us, and we’ve had huge 12-foot doors put in, so we don’t have to duck to get in and out. We even have king-size toilets that are higher than average. They’re too small otherwise. My legs get in the way. We are big people living in a small world,” Christine Temara [pictured left below], the family’s mom, said. 

The Tall Family Of Five 4
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The 60-Year-Old and her husband Mike, 62, daughter Marie, 27, and sons Shane, 26, and Troy, 24, range in height from 6ft 2in to 6ft 10in. 

Christine added: “People point out my height and tell me I’m too tall and they stare at me a lot. Clothes don’t fit, shoes don’t fit. I can’t find shoes anywhere. Troy wears size 16 shoes and Shane is a size 14 – they’re impossible to find! It’s nice to have sons taller than me though. I wouldn’t have had a family, or even a relationship, with Mike if he was on the shorter side.” 

The mom-of-three [pictured left] claimed it’s nice being looked up to, having people who want to be like them and that the aim is to inspire people with their height. 

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Whilst the children were growing up, Christine recalls how expensive it was trying to feed them all, revealing that being tall makes everything more expensive. She shared: “Their appetite meant my grocery shop would cost 400 dollars a week, so I would have to work hard and commit to long hour shifts. It wasn’t uncommon to go through a gallon of milk a day and packs upon packs of noodles.” 

The Tall Family Of Five 2
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Here’s Marie Temara. She’s 6ft 2in and can close cabinets with her feet.

She often posts videos to TikTok showing her head peeking over the top of the shower, indicating her height. 

The Tall Family Of Five 7
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Marie has since resorted to wearing men’s shoes and clothes and is too tall for her Mustang. She said: “Growing up tall was hard; I got bullied because of it, as Christine did, but I love being tall now, and I enjoy creating content about it. I’m proud of and more confident about my height and want to inspire and encourage other young women to feel the same positivity.”

At home, Marie gets picked on for being the shortest, but people ask her questions about being tall out of the house, and it’s always all eyes on her. 

The Tall Family Of Five 3 5
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“Our height is normal to us but interesting to other people, who will stare, point and ask to take pictures. Our house is built for us with higher appliances and taller shower heads. Everything at home has had to be adapted like our mirrors are custom ones that are extra high. We all sleep on California King XLs & we have double-stacked mattresses to stop our feet from hanging off our beds!” 

The tallest in the family is Troy. He’s 6ft 10in and uses his height to his advantage, becoming a professional basketball player. 

The Tall Family Of Five 5 2
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The New Zealand-based decided to put up with normal-sized furniture for now instead of the modified luxuries of his family home. Troy claimed he has become accustomed to ducking under doorways, light fixtures, and shower heads. He insisted that being tall makes him safe as he can walk anywhere, adding that: “people remember me because I’m tall. Kids look up to me for doing my basketball.”  

His brother Shane is experiencing the same situation in Germany, where he’s playing basketball too. With showers and doorways in Europe being small, he also had to duck. 

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Shane explained: “I’m not fitting into my surroundings comfortably. I’m breaking the chair I sit on because it’s too small for me and I’m bigger than my bed. I have aches and pains from bending over. Right now, I can’t physically bend.” Of the positive, he pointed out that men get the better end of the stick, and being a tall guy is considered cool, which makes it easy. 

“Everyone, girls especially, like a tall dude. We are inspirations, just for being tall,” Shane insisted. 

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