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Meet Ekaterina Lisina, The Model With The Longest Legs In Russia


Meet Ekaterina Lisina, The Model With The Longest Legs In Russia

Two careers that value tall people a lot!

Ekaterina Lisina, a Russian model, has been granted the Guinness World Record title for having the longest leg in the world. Her left leg measures up to 132.8 cm long (52.3 inches), and her right leg is 132.2 cm (52 inches) long.

Her total height is 6’9,” and she knew she stood out from the rest since she was young.

The 31-year-old used her height to her advantage and joined a basketball team. It was a confidence boost for her as she won the bronze medal for her country during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

But Ekaterina’s dream lies elsewhere: the modeling world.

Ekaterina Lisina Russian longest leg 1
Guinness World Record

She finally left the playing field and started another career in the fashion industry. Lisina’s height gave her the upper hand in both careers, and she quickly landed a job.

Her whole family is blessed with the same gene: her brother is 6’6″, her father is 6’5,” and her mother is 6’1″.

Ekaterina Lisina Russian longest leg 3

Her dad mentions that her physically long legs have been visible since she was young, “When we were picking up Ekaterina from the hospital, we noticed straight away that her legs were really long and her body mainly consisted of them.”

She started playing basketball professionally at the age of 15, realizing that her height was an invaluable asset to the court.

After winning medals after medals, she finally switched her career to modeling. While she began with many self-doubts, her popularity proved her wrong. She shared, “I only really realized I was attractive when I was about 24 years old.”

“I always had an athletic body and was always much taller than everyone else my age, but then I realized that being tall is very attractive.”

“When I quit basketball, I wanted to take a break; I needed to recover. Then I went back to my dream.”

As a teenager, her school life was not short of insults and bullying because she was tall.

“I’d have to call my older brother to communicate with the boys,” she shared. While she’s learned to find people that accept her and not be bothered by those comments, there are still challenges, such as finding a good pair of pants and shoes for her legs.

On the other hand, her long legs have their benefits: “I can walk much faster than other people.”

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