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‘Non-Binary Alien’ Couple Gets Brutally Slammed For Their Out-Of-This-World Look


‘Non-Binary Alien’ Couple Gets Brutally Slammed For Their Out-Of-This-World Look

The non-binary alien couple continues to shock people with their artistic expression.

Non-binary alien Couple Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran have continuously left the internet shocked with their out-of-this-world appearance. They’ve been dating for eight years while pushing through the finance envelope with their contents and clothing line, among others. 

In most pics, the heels of pairs’ feet are often wrapped into skin-covered scythes & their waists are intensely whittled down. 

Non binary alien 1
via instagram/matieresfecales

With the help of prosthetics, Hannah and Steven, known as @Matieresfecales [which translates to fecal matter in English] on Instagram, make themselves look as alien-like as possible. Their makeup remains extreme, with the pair always opting to paint their shaved head white.

Notably, Fecal Matter for Hannah and Steven acts as a platform for an alternative to restrictive beauty standards. 

Non binary alien 4
via instagram/matieresfecales

Steven had been born in Montreal but lived in Guyana for ten years, which they say was an oppressive environment surrounded by extreme poverty. On the other hand, Hannah was birthed in New Zealand but grew up in Montreal, where the pair met at a fashion school before launching Fecal Matter. 

“Just a reminder that people may point, stare and laugh at you all while making cruel jokes at your expense, but it’s your right to live on this planet just like them, even if they don’t understand you,” the non-binary alien jointly wrote on their account about critics. 

via instagram/matieresfecales

The duo, now based in Paris, added: It’s your right to dress however you want, live however you want, and be whoever or whatever you want. It’s your right to live free, and they can all suck it. We used to live in fear but showing one another unconditional love and support gave us enough courage to live our authentic truth together.”

This comes as Steven wrote an artist’s statement for Show Studio, where they shared some questions they’ve been trying to answer with their art. 

Non binary alien 2 1
via instagram/matieresfecales

They said: “I am a victim of society. A victim of abuse. I’ve questioned human existence ever since I could remember. Questioning why was I born a person of color and why am I treated differently because of it. Trying to understand gender and where I belong within that spectrum. Why did I never fit in with the other kids, and why did they hate me for it?” 

“Why was I born into an abusive environment? Why did violence play such a big part in my family household?”

Non binary alien 3
via instagram/matieresfecales

“Who or what decided that I was supposed to grow up on welfare? Why do people want pale skin more than darker skin? Why didn’t I deserve to get a private education? Why can’t I fit in with the adults, and why do they hate me for it? Why is it dangerous to wear women’s clothing if you are a male-bodied person?” The couple tends to experience a mixed response online and in the real world. 

Hannah and Steven had people spit on them, call them the devil, laugh, and stare at them. 

Non binary alien 5
via instagram/matieresfecales

But with all the criticisms, the positives are also evident on their Instagram with one writing: “I really love you guys, you are so unbelievably amazing, I admire you guys so much, you are wholesome and wonderful, thank you for being yourselves and encouraging other people to live their truth and seek their freedom. Thank you for existing so much.” 

Another said of the non-binary alien couple: “Beautiful, stunning, absurd, what more can I say than continue provoking the society.” The pair have been called an inspiration by some people while others ask to take photos with them. A third alleged: “You have both been an inspiration to me for years now, for just being yourselves. I love everything that you both are. Never stop.” 

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