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Everyone’s Trying Out The Easy ‘Chair Challenge’ Which Women Can Do But Men Can’t!


Everyone’s Trying Out The Easy ‘Chair Challenge’ Which Women Can Do But Men Can’t!

As a woman, yes, this is easy to do.

A challenge went viral on Tiktok which was said to be only doable for women and not men. It was such a simple challenge and should have been easier for men who are naturally more powerful.

It goes like this: take two steps backward from the wall and place your feet adjacent to each other. Don’t separate them too far. Lower your head till it touches the wall and makes a roughly 90-degree angle with your body. Slide the chair or stool below you and bring it up to your chest.

Now, the hardest/easiest part: pull yourself up to upright position without moving your feet.

Easy? If you’re a man, you are probably flabbergasted at this phenomenon.

But in this surprisingly viral Tiktok video…

Krystyna showed just how easy it is to do so.

Meanwhile, Devin who is muscled…

…also gave it a try and did everything right.

Until the last part where he lost his balance.

People all around the world are giving this hilarious challenge a go. Women have been claiming they can left and right, but a lot of men are struggling with this.

Even Chan, a k-pop band member, is struggling!

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스테이.. 가능 해요? 찬이형은 못해요~~~~~~ Can you guys do it? #straykids #stay #do #you #even #lift

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…and he failed.

This guy as well.

Of course, there are also men who tried the challenge and actually successfully did so. But still, this hilarious challenge has definitely made some men think there ARE things they can’t do.

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