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Entitled Woman Calls Police On Neighbor After She Won’t Allow Her Children Play In Her Yard


Entitled Woman Calls Police On Neighbor After She Won’t Allow Her Children Play In Her Yard

There was a perfect solution in the end.

A few heartwarming tales have permitted some people to be grateful for their neighbors, but many seem to be nightmarish. One woman makes rounds in the news after sharing their own story. Taking to the r/EntitledParents, the user @IrnBruDependant shared they have a neighbor with boundary issues. 

They explained they are aged 29 and don’t have children yet has a trampoline in her garden that previously belonged to their younger sister. 

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But her next-door neighbor has four children, and they are said to have moved in about a year ago. Just recently, the neighbor reportedly asked if her children could use the trampoline as the weather was nice. The Redditor claimed she had no issue with it and agreed, but things took a turn after accepting the request. 

“They asked if I could let the kids use the trampoline one day, so I was like sure but only for a bit because I have friends coming over for some drinks.”

“7p.m., comes, I ask them to go home because my five friends have shown up and we’re going to be drinking. Cue the crying, they leave the garden upset but hey, that’s not the issue, they’ve been on it for three hours at this point. Their mum pops her head out her bedroom window and asks if they can they stay in the garden longer. Um, no? I’m not your babysitter. She’s annoyed but drops it.”

They continued that on returning home one day from some shopping, and to their surprise, they found all four of the children in the garden, plays their younger cousin.

Charles Cheng [not the actual image]

“Ask them to leave, tell them they can’t just come into my garden without me there and they didn’t even ask. They refuse to leave, so I shout up at their mum and tell her to get them out of the garden. She says ‘let them play for a bit, you don’t even use it. Okay but still, not your garden? Eventually, we get into an argument and they leave, she’s p****ed off and shouting saying I’m being a Karen and I should let them in.”

They told the neighbor not to ask again because the answer would be NO. But it happened again the day after as all four children plus their cousin moved straight into the garden after her car drove out.

Taking action, the woman said she put a small lock on the trampoline’s safety enclosure to try and prevent the children from coming into her garden without her consent but somehow managed to get on the trampoline once more. “It’s Saturday, I’m not working today, my day off and I want a long lie. But no, neighbor decides that at 9a.m, this morning, her children are being fired straight out that house with breakfast bars and a bottle of water and thy head straight into the garden. So I can hear them from my window, I look out and tell them to leave.”

“By the time I get downstairs, mum has descended from her house and is trying to climb the fence between our gardens, shouting about how I used to let them use it and she’s going to call the police for hitting her kids.”

Erik Mclean [not the actual image]

“Um, great, you do that. I’ll be sure to show them the ring camera footage, which coincidentally also has footage of your husband picking the lock open so your brats can use the trampoline. So long story short, entitled mother send her kids into my garden repeatedly even after being told not to. Calls police on me for harassment and hitting her kids and ends up getting her husband arrested for theft and housebreaking and criminal damage.”

In an update, the woman explained she couldn’t sell the trampoline to the neighbor as it wouldn’t fit in her garden. But she settled the issue once and for all by knifing the part they jump on, and that brother will help dismantle it and take it to the local recycling centre. 

Here’s How People Have Since Reacted To The Situation:

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