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Eminem Slammed For Cultural Appropriation In An Old Music Video


Eminem Slammed For Cultural Appropriation In An Old Music Video

“My salsa.”

Eighteen years after the song was released, Eminem is being criticized for the cultural appropriation in the music video. The ‘Rap God’ songwriter was sporting a matador outfit with the members of D12 in the ‘My Band’ song.

This come after rapper Tyga was involved in a scandal for the MV of his song “Ay Caramba.”


Tyga was dressed in what would be the typical outfit of the Mexican culture, which has received a ton of backlash from viewers. Tyga ended up apologizing about the clip and during ‘L.A. Leakers and American Cholo’ podcast, he spoke, “I want to apologise to the Mexican community and my fans that are Mexican.”

A part of the lyric sang, “salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and get in their underpants.”

“I have a lot of Latin fans that are Puerto Rican or Dominican that probably weren’t offended by this video. But, my Mexican fans in L.A., there definitely was some that were offended.”

One commented, “Invent a time machine and travel back and/or forth to whichever era and this s**t will STILL not be funny.”

A viewer who tried to ruffle the community commented, “How come there’s no outrage in the Latino community for Eminem doing this huh?”

“I wonder why these folks aren’t demanding an apology from Eminem,” wrote another.

But many Hispanics commented how they weren’t exactly bothered by what Eminem did.

A user wrote, “As a member of the Hispanic community we really don’t give that much of a s**t enough to cancel someone.”

“I loved this ending as a kid! And I’m Puerto Rican! Makes me miss my sister even more,” added another.

At the MTV Video Music Awards, the 20-year-old song was nominated for Video for the Year, Best Group Video, and Best Rap Video.

Under the YouTobe video, multiple users have also sounded their love for the timeless song that kept them singing “my salsa.”

A comment from three months ago read, “If more rappers made videos and wrote funny yet catchy lyrics like this, maybe I’d tune into them more.”

“It’s cool to see a band chill like this,” wrote another.

It doesn’t look like Eminem needs to make the same apology as Tyga for his song “My Band.”

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