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Ellen DeGeneres Gets Slammed For Leaving Her TV Crew Without Pay


Ellen DeGeneres Gets Slammed For Leaving Her TV Crew Without Pay

Lack of communication and then lack of pay.

In order to comply with the newest regulations that prohibit any type of non-essential business from operating and the gathering of people, programs such as ‘The Ellen Show’ has opted to host their shows from home. But this shutdown and a new way of doing things have not sat well with Ellen’s crews.

It appears they have not been properly paid by Ellen.

In order to help her home-broadcast, she has hired a tech company that is not part of the union, Key Code Media. The team has helped her work from her home in California and actually received proper pays.

This was revealed by two of Ellen’s crews who chose to remain anonymous while speaking to Variety. “Higher-ups in production would occasionally answer phone calls but reveal little” to the crews. Yet, Ellen has been said to receive a $87.5million pay per annual contract and her net worth is estimated to be above $490million.

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Warner Bros. Television spokesperson has came up and reassured that the crews will be taken care of during the shutdown even if their working hours are reduced. “Our executive producers and Telepictures are committed to taking care of our staff and crew and have made decisions first and foremost with them in mind,” said the spokesperson.

Yet, the sources reveal that until April 9 they were not informed on the exact number of the pay they will be receiving.

Ellen has also increased her show from four to a five-day schedule a week. She shot them all in within two days. Usually, it would take 40 hours to shoot weekly, but the crews are only receiving two 8-hour a day pay.

It hasn’t been more than two weeks when Ellen went under fire after comparing getting stuck in her mansion as being in jail.


The satire joke did not sit well with many people and it came to the point people are calling her as one of the meanest person alive. It seems that a lot of people won’t be appreciating the show until Ellen gives the crews the pay they really need.

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