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Elizabeth Hurley And Her Son Damian Look Like Identical Twins In Festive Selfie


Elizabeth Hurley And Her Son Damian Look Like Identical Twins In Festive Selfie

Gorgeous to both of you!

Model Elizabeth Hurley recently took a festive selfie with teen son Damian and it has sent fans in a surprise with how much alike the two look. Damian has followed his mother’s footsteps in entering the glamorous world of modelling.

The two of them possess gorgeous locks of brunette hair as well as mesmerizing eyes.

Fans were saying that they look so similar to each other and ‘identical’. Elizabeth later posted some pictures of her in sari-style dress and dancing with one hand in the air.

Damian also posted two other selfies, one of which had him posing on bed with his locks gracefully let down.

She’s definitely possessing her mother’s beauty.

The boy whose father is Steve Bling also paid homage to the mother’s Versace dress by adding golden safety pins to his outfit. When getting interviewed by a magazine, Elizabeth said, “I rather think I’ve simply been blessed with a child whose personality gels with mine.”

She further commented, “Friends who have several children always admit, although they love them all equally, inevitably there’s one whose personality mirrors their own and they “get” each other better. It’s definitely nature not nurture.”

Damian also has signed with Tess Management in September 2018 and went on his debut with Pat McGrath make-up campaign which garnered divided opinions. Some think his shots are creepy while others love the androgynous vibe.

Liz also revealed that she’s truly pleased to see Damian pursuing career in the creative industry. But she also added, “You know, if he does a complete U-turn and wants to pursue a career in… [gulps with horror] banking, then of course as his mother I will fully support him.”

Liz admits that she may have indulged her son too much.

“Our downtime together is usually spent watching something scary on Netflix or Vikings on Amazon Prime. Because he’s away all week and has to make his own bed and tidy his room, I’m probably overindulgent when he’s around to make up for it,” said the 54-year-old single mother.

“Given I’m a single mother and he’s an only child, by default we spend a lot of time together and we are utterly comfortable in each other’s company.”

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