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Disney+ Crashed On Its First Day And People Are Pissed


Disney+ Crashed On Its First Day And People Are Pissed

Still crashing?

Disney+ launch date was, for some, a date with themselves. It’s a day where everyone can begin reliving their 90’s moments, days of when they dreamt of flying to Neverland. Marvel and Star Wars fans have been waiting faithfully to log in and spend the next 3 days being a shut-in.

Disney+ Crashed On Its First Day And People Are Pissed
Disney+ Crashed On Its First Day And People Are Pissed

Only to be faced with this.

Obviously, people were NOT happy. Some people managed to stay up just in time when the Disney service is open and immediately tapped on the app. What seemed like a plan to binge watch ‘That’s So Raven’ and the first episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ shattered.

Server overload is to be expected – Disney has been hyping this up and people were attracted to the amazing deals Disney offered. A number of users could not connect when they find their connection to Netflix and Hulu perfectly fine.

Some people even woke up early in the morning at 5 am, just to queue for ‘The Mandalorian’. They got shot down real quick with the error message.

And people began complaining while sharing hilarious memes on the situation right now.

Some tried to clean their cache, reinstall the app, reboot the phone and even switched Wi-Fis. Nothing worked because it’s got nothing to do with users’ device or software – the issue is on the server.

“It’s not like they’re some huge multi billion dollar international corporation with practically unlimited resources and manpower,” wrote one Twitter user.

Disney owed up to their mistakes and quickly fixed it.

But another retorted, “Why are you always surprised by demand for your product?” Followed by another that said, “Not to mention all the money and effort they put into everyone knowing about every little thing.”

More people are asking questions like, “Were you not expecting this kind of demand?”

To be fair, the question is not wrong considering the streaming service is done by possible the biggest media company in the world. It has been promoting their own channel for years. Several people commented that they should’ve done a soft roll out to reduce the strain on the server while fixing bugs when the traffic isn’t heavy.

By now, the server is up and running normally. Time to stream all your childhood memories.

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