Delivery Boy Fulfills Customer's Wish To Say ‘I Love You, Hehe’ To Customer’s Boyfriend

Delivery Boy Fulfills Customer’s Wish To Say ‘I Love You, Hehe’ To Customer’s Boyfriend

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Keeping a relationship is quite tough during this pandemic period. But some pairs are finding a workaround it. One lover from Singapore, for instance, found a brilliant means of expressing her love to BF via food delivery order.


A Deliveroo rider, whose Twitter name is @Naz_Luenzo on April 20th received an order for food from a customer named Jayce. Nevertheless, there was an additional order for Ivan, the recipient.


‘Pack cutlery for Ivan and tell him I love him, hehe.’ The additional request reads.

Fortunately for Jayce, the Deliveroo rider was in for such a request and actually delivered as expected. Appearing all shy in his surgical mask, Ivan did respond, giggling and saying ‘Umm, I love you too.’


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