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Daughter Feels Unimpressed After Receiving Her Mom’s ‘Doorknob’ Gold And Diamond Band


Daughter Feels Unimpressed After Receiving Her Mom’s ‘Doorknob’ Gold And Diamond Band

Tagged the ‘Ugliest Ring Ever.’

A newly-turned 18 daughter is unimpressed after her mother’s engagement band dating back to the 80s dubbed the ugliest ring ever’ caused an online savage.  

Shared by the unidentified daughter, from Washington on the Facebook Group titled ‘That’s it, I’m ring shaming,’ the daughter revealed she calls the ring ‘Sweater Destroyer.’

A woman shared her mother’s engagement ring, which dated back from the ’80s

People said the ring looked like a vintage doorknob, while others said it resembled a nail 

The unfamiliar piece contained a large gold band mounted with a diamond, having a striking resemblance to a doorknob. Revealing her dad had proposed to her mother with the ring, it was passed on to her when she turned 18.

‘I’m really sorry to be mean, but this it. Probably Officially, the ugliest ring,’ one user said.

‘Ding, ding, ding, we finally have a winner. This might just be the most horrid ring I have ever seen,’ another user commented.

The ‘That’s it, I’m ringing shaming Facebook group’ joked at the ring, comparing it to a doorknob  

Some individuals were quick to point out the diamond appears like a vintage doorknob or perhaps a nail. ‘Looks like a Doorknob,’ a third added while another stated: ‘Surely, he nicked that off the front of a drawer.’

A fifth added: ‘At least it doubles as a mirror so she can look at herself, re-evaluate her decisions.’

Several users equally joked that the woman’s mother must have really loved the husband for accepting such a ring.

‘Your mother must have really loved him.’ a user wrote. ‘Indeed, love is truly blind… or causes blindness… something like that. Haha.’ hilariously commented by another.

A very straightforward person said: ‘Does your dad hate your mum?’

Some individuals praised the mother ‘braveness’ for sticking to the man

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