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Daughter Came Out To Dad, And Their Conversation Went Viral


Daughter Came Out To Dad, And Their Conversation Went Viral

On a side note, though, coconut cookies aren’t that bad.

Child disownment, estranged parents, depression. It is way too common to hear how queer children are treated by their parents when they come out. There are over 1.3 million, or 8% of American students out of 27 states that agreed to participate, that admitted they are either gay, lesbian, or bisexual. And out of these 1.3 million children, Laura Kann, the survey’s lead author, found out 30% of them have attempted suicide. That is 390,000 students who survived to answer the poll.

The LGBTQ+ needs more parents like this dad. Of course, every parent is different in how they raise and treat their kids. But it all starts from accepting your child for who they are, for the things they can’t change. the dad-daughter text exchange has been viewed by more than 140k people on Imgur.

“My daughter came out to me,” wrote a dad.

It began with dad cutely asking whether the daughter was joining ‘Girl Scouts of America’ after hearing about GSA. Dad jokingly continued by saying that he loves ‘Tagalongs’ cookies after hearing she’s there to “build campfires and sell cookies.” But the daughter did not intend to lie or hide: she directly explained what GSA was and that she is lesbian.

Here’s a twist, however.

Daughter Came Out To Dad, And Their Conversation Went Viral

Well, it turns out dad was wonderful with it! We definitely see how she felt so safe and relieved as she wrote, “You are the epitome of dad.” There is also a ton of dad jokes added, so we’re not actually sure if she was referring to the jokes.

This dad later shared, “An argument about coconuts was as inane as an argument about whom someone chooses to spend the rest of their lives with.” It is more important for him to make sure that she is raised in a safe environment and not letting societal indoctrination ruin her life.

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