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Daniel Dae Kim Shares His Last Video Update On Covid-19 Experience As ‘Unlike Anything’ He’s Ever Had Before


Daniel Dae Kim Shares His Last Video Update On Covid-19 Experience As ‘Unlike Anything’ He’s Ever Had Before

He has been ‘considered recovered’ and is back home.

Daniel Dae Kim has been ‘released to the wild of his own home’ per March 29 and recently made a video on Instagram to share his experience. The ‘New Amsterdam’ star previously revealed that he was positive to have contracted the virus back on March 19 with mild symptoms.

“This disease is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and this past week was no exception,” he began his last video on Covid-19 update. So, the day after my last video, my course of treatment ended (referring to his previous post on Instagram).”

“I was feeling healthier, as I mentioned, and I thought it would be good to just let my immune system take charge the rest of the way. But, maybe I was a bit too confident,” he continued.

“A day after, I started to feel sluggish, tired. I was still congested and weirdly I lost my sense of smell, which led to a loss of sense of taste.”

“The good news is I never had a fever again, the bad news is I still didn’t feel right.”

“Since then, my doctor told me that these symptoms are commonly associated with what’s called post-viral inflammation and it’s part of our body’s natural recovery process. For me, this lasted on and off for a couple of days, but I’m told in people it can last up to a few weeks.”

He has also explained that he’s been ‘considered virus-free’ according to the CDC guideline and has been allowed to do normal human activities like exploring his living room or walking his dog. He joked, “If you see me outside please, no need to run away!”

On March 22nd, he updated his followers as one of those who did not require hospitalization. He also added that he was prescribed a drug cocktail, a mix of different drugs that included Tamiflu, azithromycin (Z-pack), and a glycopyrrolate inhaler.

The main ingredient in Daniel’s opinion, however, was hydroxychloroquine, the common anti-malarial drug that is being used in S. Korea.

“Do not self-medicate,” warns Daniel on his video.

He added that he was not tested again to be declared so due to the lack of testing kits on more pressing patients. The actor did not forget to remind people to not stock on drugs such as he was mentioned as they are also used to treat other diseases and symptoms.

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