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Dad Lost His Daughter’s Hamster And His Freak- Out Texts Are Golden


Dad Lost His Daughter’s Hamster And His Freak- Out Texts Are Golden

It’s sincerely very-touching!

The very moment, Steph Veerman ran into the restroom at work to pick her dad’s urgent call on Sunday, she was nervous and had thought a family member had died because her dad was crying really hard.

Steph Veerman

‘He couldn’t get out sentences.’ The 19-year-old daughter said.

But here’s the problem:

Daniel Veerman couldn’t find Chester, his daughter’s hamster. The Chester had become Daniel’s little friend since he started taking care of the pet after Steph went back for her sophomore year at Emmanuel College in Boston.

‘My parents are officially divorced and my dad is a single dad. He’s the opposite of what you would think of seeing him in this condition. He’s a lawyer, conservative, a catholic and normally strict. But when it comes to animals and babies, he has a soft spot.’ Steph added.

Daniel Veerman

So, when Daniel was frantically telling Steph he had put Chester in his little ball like he does every Sunday, but somehow the little brown fluff ball disappeared, She was shocked and tried staying calm for her crying dad.

‘I was having a freaking heart attack. I had a meltdown.’ Daniel told Buzzfeed News. Daniel, 53, living right outside Boston had been taking care of Chester about two months ago after his ex-wife dispossessed the hamster.

Last Sunday, Chester, however, did something he’d never done before. ‘He’s a very cunning creature. I think he opened the ball. I cleaned the cage and came back, but he was gone and I had a heart attack. It was really a nightmare. Daniel added.

The Text Exchange Between Steph And Daniel

He continued: ‘I was calling him, screaming his name and I was looking with a high-powered flashlight.’ Calling his daughter to inform her there was an emergency, Daniel said Steph told him it would be Ok, but knew she was saying that to make him feel better.

Good news: Chester was found next to a book about President Nixon!

Steph Veerman

‘I’m so wicked sorry I will keep looking all day. This is the worst ever. I am not going to forgive myself if doesn’t come back. And if I can’t find him, I am not going to work tomorrow so I can keep looking.’ Daniel had texted the daughter.

Steph responded: ‘Dad, he’s just a hammer. I don’t blame you at all and you shouldn’t skip work. You are a lawyer and he’s a hamster. Dad, it’s OK!

Impressed by her dad’s panic and hamster-hunting efforts, Steph shared their texts on Twitter and it immediately went viral

Expectedly, people started sharing in their own parents lost hamsters

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