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Dad Bought Birth Control For Her Teenage Daughters For First Time And Said, “Good Luck, I Wish You Well”


Dad Bought Birth Control For Her Teenage Daughters For First Time And Said, “Good Luck, I Wish You Well”

We absolutely love the close relationship they have here.

We can imagine that some dads feel awkward when it comes to topics like birth control and sex. But people have been raving over one dad who overcomes it all before her grown-up daughters and buying them a whole bag of birth controls.

It was Emma and her sister Ryan who got their birth control birthday gift from their hilarious dad, J.J. Murphy.

He said in the video, “To my two teenage daughters, this is my first receipt of birth control for you two.”

“And, apparently, there’s a difference in what the doctors think sexual activity from a 17- and an 18-year-old,” he continued.

She gave one pack to her 17-year-old, telling her, “So, here’s your birth control. Good luck; I wish you well.”

Then whipped out a huge bag of… everything for Emma, who laughed out loud at the ridiculous stock of birth control. “Are you serious?!” she asked.

“Geez, Emma!” her sister teased her. They then spoke a bit, wondering if he’s got them from a doctor they were familiar with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Emma can go back there for a bit after this.

Her father’s straightforwardness in tackling this subject was applauded by many.

One viewer wrote, “Can we take a moment how important this is! I appreciate this, my father didn’t even like getting tampons for me.”

“Honestly, the fact he’s picking it up, joking and talking about it, is just great in my opinion,” wrote another.

“Can we all applaud đź‘Ź this super supportive dad!! More girls need this!!! 🥺🥺,” praised another.

Emma Murphy

As the clip went viral, J.J. shared the reason why more parents should do this.

@emma.m04 easily one of the most embarrassing moments of life #fyp #girldad ♬ original sound – Emma Murphy

“Have a relationship with your children where conversations are not uncomfortable,” said the dad of five girls. The retired military officer spoke that he prioritizes having a “trusting relationship” with his children after missing so many key events in their lives. And he wants these seemingly taboo topics to be open for discussion at any time with them.

“I want them to know that I am open to whomever they bring home as long as they are treated respectfully,” he added.

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